Philanthropy is innovation for humanity powered by heart, the sharing of resources & a little bit of magic.

Building Agile Nonprofit & Social Sector Organizations

Research shows that agile organizations are more successful in creating impact, have less burn-out, and achieve more with less resources. We develop teams and organizations to serve our community and world better through a shared purpose & vision, active partnerships, and with rapid iteration and experimentation.

Applying Human-Centered Design

Social Sector Solutions must mirror those being served in both in leadership and practice. We implement human-centered design gathering input WITH NOT FOR stakeholders, applying real-time human data to make actionable decisions for community-centered scalable solutions.

For Scaled Impact

Modern philanthropists are looking for big bet, impactful social sector solutions that are scalable for today's global landscape. We coach social sector teams to use best in class data-driven research to be fundable to the world's leading philanthropic funders, innovative finance opportunities and performance based financing. Our outcomes result in scaled revenues, resources, and impact.

Equal parts strategy and magic.


Implementing agile practices into the social sector framework flattens ineffective hierarchical structures and increases efficiency, employee retention, and impact.

Human-Centered Design

A global but localized community-centric approach to social sector data. Human-centered design approaches ensure that social sector solutions and innovations mirror and are designed WITH NOT FOR.

Impact Driven

54% of wealth donors reported that they DO NOT KNOW if their gift is having the impact they intended. Sadly- we believe 99% of nonprofits do not know either. We design impact driven solutions that are scale ready.

Strategic Magic

The true success behind high-performing philanthropic practices that scale is an underlying belief that philanthropy will always require strategy AND magic. We advise and coach using methods that rely on both to make your philanthropic team "magic ready" to showcase at any moment WHY- WHY YOU- WHY & NOW.

What our connections have to say:

Barbara Karplus & Rod Womer

Barbara Karplus & Rod Womer

Philanthropists/Co-Founders Woka Foundation

"Kristin was always approachable, dependable, and attentive to our needs. In the midst of delivering professional and effective support, she nurtured a family atmosphere that made us feel welcome and acknowledged our shared aspirations.”

Sarah Acer

Sarah Acer

Global Head of Philanthropy, Private Sector Partnerships, Policy & Innovation, Global Citizen

"I am consistently struck by Kristin's leadership and training expertise and her ability to galvanize communities and stakeholders around a shared vision. Her entrepreneurial skillset is as diverse as the breadth of her expertise, and she continues to be an asset to organizations that have the awareness and capacity to recognize, elevate and support her transformational work for their benefit. "

Erica Munoz

Erica Munoz

Speaker, TEDx Perryville Correctional

"I will never forget the day that you told me I needed to dig deeper and tell the story about me not others.. and I did just that you helped me find the courage to own my ugly truth... best Ted X coach ever."