On a life mission to #scatterjoy

Founded by Kristin Romaine, Philanthropy Innovations is an innovation consultancy for philanthropic organizations rooted in both values and relationships. Born in Phoenix, AZ–Kristin derives a great deal of her innovative spirit from growing up in a desert landscape. She began her career in philanthropy in her 20s– when she founded her first nonprofit– a leadership development and talking circle program for teen girls in juvenile corrections. Kristin entered philanthropy as a problem solver and her creative and human-centered design approach to projects has allowed her to build an impressive portfolio of work that varies from leading two large scale ($25M+) capital campaigns, building innovative finance funds for climate change and global humanitarian efforts, grant writing to build equity for college students,  and expanding several large international NGOs ultra-high net worth strategies.

Our work at Philanthropy Innovations is driven out of a desire to connect with those who like us– view philanthropy at a human level. Our approaches are innovative, cutting edge, strategic & impact-based. We want to dream big dreams and then create even bigger realities.  At the same time what makes us unique is our knowing that at the true heart of philanthropy is a human magic we do not get to experience without sharing our resources, gifts and talents with one another. We seek to align with those who share our belief that philanthropy is about people bringing ideas that reflect our core values to life in the world. We seek to not just become your partner in philanthropy but to enjoy a lifetime of connection and impact together…as a family.

Yes- our logo is a disco ball.  No– it is not because we are all fun and games.   We take a very serious approach to making magic strategy that through hard work and possibly a few mini dance parties— turn into strategic magic for the world.   

Our logo is a disco ball because we believe fundraising should be FUN, we believe it should reflect the people being served and the community at large, and that in the end– it should scatter our light to others- no strings attached.  

If that sounds like you- your work- your mission– then we invite you to scatter joy with us. 

Kristin Romaine & team